Mindfulness at work

We offer one-time Mindfulness workshops or short weekly group sessions of approx 1 hour, easy to implement during the working day and yet giving people the full experience of Mindfulness.

We also offer personal coaching for management or staff where Mindfulness will be a part of.

What is Mindfulness

Through mindfulness we learn to bring awareness to every moment and situation in our life, which will give us more freedom. Studies indicated that the average person  is 47% of the time absorbed in thinking, such as reasoning, thoughts about past and future, daydreaming, judging, worrying and so on and so on. This means half of the time we miss out on what life truly has to offer to us.

Mindfulness wakes us up! It gives us focus and wisdom. This will help us to communicate to others with more ease and authenticity. We learn to deal with stress and emotions during work so we stay open-minded and receptive for positive interactions and solutions.  We learn to accept and respect ourselves and others and appreciate life more.