Meditation benefits

Meditation gives great meaning to your life!

Meditation is an essential part of your mindfulness practice.

During meditation you create space inside of yourself to become more aware, present and still. Even though thinking and bodily sensations will continue, in meditation you won’t be as distracted by them as usual. You will notice thoughts and bodily sensations and emotions, but you will no longer be overwhelmed by them. Even old patterns, believe systems or other deeply ingrained negative thoughts might surface form unconscious mind, but in meditation we learn to allow them to move through us, so they can subside and transcend.

In meditation you can also listen more easily to your heart and intuition. Natural insights about your life and work can surface.

On a physical level meditation will calm down your organs and nervous system. It reduces stress, not just during the time you sit for meditation but also afterwards.

So meditation affects your life in many positive ways.

As with everything, we need to meditate regularly for an extended period of time to fully benefit from it. For that reason it is important to know that your mind will rebel and say that you are no good at it, or that you didn’t feel anything etc, but this is exactly why we need to be prepared to surrender and meditate without any expectation. Fully engage with the practice as such and then see what meditation does to you. Meditation is always new, always different, sometimes pleasant and sometimes difficult, but  always very beneficial! To be able to experience your own true nature and stillness is a great blessing!